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The Mortgage Reports:
June Shaping Up Nicely, But Bigger Tests Are Yet to Come
6/21/2024 3:37 PM
After a rocky start to the year, things began to improve for rates and the inflation outlook in May. June took the improvement to the next level, but this week didn"t affect the bigger picture. Ahead of Wednesday"s market closure for Juneteenth, the most relevant economic report was Retail Sales on Tuesday morning.  It came in slightly below ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Unchanged Versus Tuesday"s Levels
6/20/2024 2:12 PM
The bond market was closed on Wednesday for the Juneteenth holiday.  As such, mortgage lenders were either closed or unable to update mortgage rates based on market movement.  Today"s rates are perfectly in line with Tuesday morning"s, on average, even though the bond market is slightly weaker.   Weakness in bonds refers t...Read More
Mortgage Rates Move Slightly Lower After Retail Sales Report
6/18/2024 2:36 PM
Mortgage rates began the week with a modest move back up and over the 7% threshold, but managed to erase some of those losses today.  The improvement followed this morning"s Retail Sales data which came out weaker than expected. Mortgage rates are based on trading levels in the bond market.  Bonds pay attention to multiple cues at any gi...Read More
Mortgage Rates Back Above 7% to Start New Week
6/17/2024 3:20 PM
Mortgage rates moved modestly higher to start the new week.  With the average top tier 30yr fixed rate just under 7% on Friday, this meant a move to just over 7% today.   As always, keep in mind that a mortgage rate index is best used to capture the day to day  movement in rates as opposed to outright levels.  The latter ...Read More
Mortgage Rates Remain Close to Recent Lows Despite Modest Bump
6/14/2024 2:27 PM
Today saw the average conventional 30yr fixed rate rise ever so slightly for top tier scenarios.  Most lenders are still quoting those scenarios just under 7%.  Depending on the specific details of any given scenario, rates range from the mid 6"s all the way up to the mid 7"s.  Unlike each of the past two days, there weren"t any maj...Read More
Mortgage Rates Little Changed at Lowest Levels Since March
6/13/2024 2:35 PM
You"d have to go back to March 28th to see the average mortgage lender offering a lower rate on a top tier, conventional 30yr fixed scenario than they"re offering today.  The same was technically true yesterday and today"s rates were just a hair lower. That said, some lenders have done things differently over the past 24 hours due to yesterda...Read More
Mortgage Rates Drop Sharply After Inflation Data (But Bounce a Bit After The Fed Announcement)
6/12/2024 3:10 PM
It was an incredibly high consequence day for the bond market and, thus, mortgage rates due to the confluence of two extremely important events. The first event was the monthly release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is one of the two economic reports with the far more power to influence interest rates than any other.  The other repo...Read More
Mortgage Rates Barely Budge For 3rd Straight Day, But That Should Change Tomorrow
6/11/2024 2:30 PM
Today"s mortgage rates were fairly close to yesterday"s at the average lender for the 3rd business day in a row.  Friday was the last day with any substantial movement when rates spiked following the upbeat jobs report.  Since then, the average lender has only moved by 0.01% on each of the past 2 days. The absence of movement made better...Read More
Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher to Start Pivotal Week
6/10/2024 2:02 PM
There"s been a noticeable uptick in mortgage rate volatility over the past two weeks with a quick spike at the end of May, a nice drop in early June and then another spike last Friday following the jobs report.  Of course everything"s relative, so in objective terms, it was roughly a 0.30% round trip for conventional 30yr firxed rates. &n...Read More
Rate Optimism Put To The Test by Jobs Report
6/7/2024 2:32 PM
There"s a strong case to be made for the fact that interest rates had a sunny predisposition this week.  In practical terms, that simply meant giving more credence to rate-friendly news and trying harder to overlook unfriendly news. But the predisposition was put to the test in a major way with the week"s most significant economic report toda...Read More